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Hello January 8, 2012

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So….it’s been almost a year since my new husband and I decided to blend our family. We decided to start a blog in order to reflect back on our accomplishments over the last year as well as some of our difficult moments.

We met at the grocery store in our little small town in Michigan. I was attempting to purchase two gallons of milk and was not able to locate my money or my debit card. As I was beginning to panic and flush with embarrassment, I heard a male voice behind me say “I’ll pay for the milk.” This is where it all started. After I allowed the mystery man from the store to purchase¬† my milk, my daughter who was with me at the store informed me that she knew the little girl that was with the man, apparently the two girls attended the same school. I was then able to write a note to say thank you and pay the money back to the man through his daughter. He did end up calling me(Yes I included my phone number on the thank you note) and we began dating.

The dating process was not easy. I was a single mother with four children. My children were 10, 8, 6, and 2 at the time we started dating. He had two daughters, one who was 10 and lived with him full time and another who was 18. Quite often we ran into difficulties with the kids behavior and occasionally with each others parenting style. Despite all of this we decided to move out of state and blend our family together permanently. We moved to Wisconsin in January of 2011, and were married in April of 2011.

It has been a year of ups and downs, mostly ups…but we thought maybe it would be possible to help another blended family by speaking out about how rough it can be to learn to live together and love each other.